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Feel The Difference

Cornish Partnerships is a platform which helps Cornish companies and Cornish people to meet, do business and form relationships with amazing benefits.

Meet New Customers

We ensure that your business is put in front of the right people allowing you to make valuable short and long term connections.

Grow Your Revenue

Through networking meetings, referrals and Cornish Partnership direct connections you can enjoy more sales.

Establish Your Reputation

Joining the Partnership will help promote your business to become a recognised brand within the network and all of Cornwall.


A few kind words from our partners

Brock has really helped us and moved our business forward since we have been working with him. He has opened so many doors for us! I would recommend to any business!
Mike Bee Director
Only just met Brock and he has helped me think differently and introduced me to some fantastic new people who have made my business stronger – Good Luck Cornish Partnerships.
Dave McEvoy Business Development Manager
Brock has helped me make contact with many businesses to help my business and their businesses grow. Would highly recommend Brock for any business advice and contacts.
Daniel Martin Managing Director
I have known and worked with Brock for many years. Everywhere Brock lands he causes a Tsunami of enthusiasm. I remember seeing a particular brands social media account start to appear everywhere and I thought that looks like Brock’s work. I made some enquiries and indeed it Brock in full flight as usual. Hearing that Brock was starting a new networking group called Cornish Partnerships was exciting news. We joined without hesitation knowing that this is a great opportunity for not just for our business but any businesses wanting to make new and valued connections. Brock is also genuinely interested in what you do and will go the extra mile to help you. We highly recommend Cornish Partnerships and know with Brock at the helm it can only go from strength to strength.
Phil Aston Managing Director