Why should I join Cornish Partnerships?



Cornish Partnerships engages your business in both traditional and non-traditional networking. We believe that people refer and work with people they know and trust. To allow more people to get to know you and additionally your business we will engage in the following activities/networking:

– Breakfast networking

– Business meetings

– Workshops

– Master classes

– Social outings

– Community events

– Charity events.

*note that as much as possible networking opportunities will be free to members with non-members paying additional fees to attend.


Business profiles:

With your partnerships subscription you will have a personal business profile on the webpage which will be shared to all the partners as well as the UK via SEO traffic and more importantly many social media platforms.

You will have complete control over your profile and can change and update as you need. If you need help to manage your profile the Cornish Partnership web designer can help you.

You are encouraged to offer exclusive offers to gain attention to your business and this also will be shared both across the partnership and via social media channels.

Personal referrals:

All partners will be encouraged to share your business information and talents to their associates and customers and with gained trust with each other will do so naturally. Additionally, the management team of Cornish Partnership will endeavour to provide leads and introductions as much as possible.


Social Media Engagement:

The webpage has instigated social media channels making it easy for the Cornish Partnerships management team to share your information on a regular basis to increase your profile.

Cost and guarantee:

Cornish Partnerships membership is just £20 per month with no contract or if you choose annual membership is £200 a year you also have a 100% guarantee of a full refund if the partnership does not help your business needs.

*The aim of Cornish Partnerships is to aid your business, build an honest network to help each other and provide a safe and fun environment for all partners. Unethical business practices will not be tolerated, and Cornish Partnership management reserves the rights to dissolve memberships of those not following good trading standards. A full refund will be given to any partner that may be removed as ethics is more important that money.