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Date/Time Venue Event Booking
Fri 20 July 10.00am Gwel an Mor Resort Networking Golf Day
Mon 23 July 7.30am Newquay, Sandy Lodge Hotel Breakfast Networking Meeting
Mon 23 July 10am Newquay, Sandy Lodge Hotel How to Attract the Correct Customers
Tue 24 July Noon Impirmus, Redruth Marketing Mail Made Simple
Thur 26 July 2pm St Austell, St Austell Business Park The Voice of Marketing, Belinda Shipp
Thur 9 August 9am Pentewan, Netwalking (walking and networking)
Fri 10 August 7.30am St Mellion International Resort Breakfast Meeting
Mon 13 August 2pm Knightor Winery Get together networking
Tue 14 August 7.30am Truro, Truro Golf Club Truro Morning Network Meeting
Thur 16 August 8:00am Roche, Victoria Inn Open House Networking Meeting
Mon 24 September 8am Newquay, Sandy Lodge Hotel Breakfast Networking Meeting

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